In order to transport steel by road, the international provider of transport and logistics services - ZBL Transport Sp. z o.o. offers adequately adapted tractors of the "MEGA" type together with specialist semitrailers of the Coilmulde type intended for transporting rolled steel in coils.

These trailers have a suitable trough in which the coils are placed and then properly secured. Coils in Coilmulde trailers are secured with stanchions, chains, belts, anti-slip mats and corners. This solution is ideal for transporting steel, tin and other alloys.

Coilmulde trailers are CODE XL certified and they meet the highest standards. Among other things, they are equipped with the Multi Lock load securing system. Our offer also includes semi-trailers with reduced unladen weight, which can load up to 25 tons of goods.

Thanks to our experience you have a guarantee that we perform transport services with the observance of the highest safety rules.