We specialize in FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) shipments. We organize imports and exports, but also cabotage transport services throughout the European Union.

In international transport we provide:

  • speed, efficiency, timely performance
  • the cargo is always insured with the carrier's liability insurance
  • advantageous and optimal adaptation of the car to a specific cargo.
  • transport by one car only from the place of loading to unloading.

The professional performance of the commissioned transport orders is possible thanks to:

  • constant availability of rolling stock,
  • swift response to the order,
  • and high flexibility of the company.

A modern and proven fleet of vehicles is the basis of our industry, and as professionals we are well aware of it. Add to this the experience of our competent employees - and you will get a recipe for success with every order. We approach all tasks entrusted to us in a reliable and professional manner, at the same time taking care of the safety in the broadest sense. Taking care of every detail and performing the orders in accordance with the highest standards is a guarantee of satisfaction of our customers.