The ZBL TRANSPORT company has also prepared an offer for forwarding services. We have been successfully cooperating with carriers for years, together creating an efficient transport network. Our cooperation is multifaceted and successful thanks to mutual support and trust.

As a company associated with the TFL industry and constantly monitoring this sector of the economy, we possess all the necessary equipment and have developed reliable logistics solutions that help us perform subsequent orders. For our business partners in the field of forwarding we have prepared attractive offers and cooperation conditions.

The ZBL Transport company provides professional international forwarding services. Within the framework of international forwarding services, our customers entrust us with the organization of the transport of goods within the EU. We are always able to choose the most optimal solutions, performing the services at the highest level of quality.

We provide our customers with comprehensive forwarding services within the EU:

  • Selection of the optimal cargo transport route - thanks to our extensive base of business partners and subcontractors, as well as access to modern logistics tools and our experience and knowledge of the transport industry, we are able to plan a route of cargo transport, which will allow us to deliver the goods quickly, efficiently and optimally in financial terms.
  • Selection of the optimal means of transport - the knowledge of transport law regulations and available means of transport enables us to select the optimal means of transport for our Customers
  • Reliable verification of the subcontractor - thanks to our knowledge of the transport industry and thanks to the tools for verification of subcontractors in transport, we select only reliable subcontractors.
  • Taking care of the flow of reliable information - as part of our forwarding activity, we make sure that each participant of the transport process is carefully informed about their obligations.
  • Cargo supervision during the transport of goods - we take the utmost care to ensure that the shipments are delivered on time and without problems.
  • Continuing information for the Customer about the course of the forwarding and transport process - our team is always ready to provide information to our Customers, both during the planning of the transport and delivery of the goods.
  • Cargo safety guarantee - we make sure that at each stage of the delivery process, the goods are properly secured and transported in an appropriate manner. And in case of unexpected situations, we are insured to the sum of EUR 300 000 and we verify whether our subcontractors also possess adequate insurance coverage before starting cooperation.
  • Competitive rates for international freight forwarding services.

Within the framework of international forwarding services we also provide all other services related to the organization of transport tailored to the individual needs of the Customer.